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by A-Poc

10 February, 2009 – Hey again! For those of you that are returning to the site, I know it may seem like it isn’t getting updated much but I just wanted to drop a quick note to explain. In the process of trying to get the word out on our site, a lot of the stuff we do is kind of behind the scenes so to speak. For example, if you look to the right here, you’ll notice a heading for “Articles” with a couple of articles listed there. These are some other things that we are trying to promote the site. Please have a look at them and drop a comment or rate them if you like, it will really help us out. These articles are by no means the only ones we have done, but for now they are the only ones we have linked to here. And just to let you know, our efforts are paying off. The site traffic in the last few days has increased 5X per day! So we are pretty excited about that.

New content is coming real soon, I promise! We just noticed that we needed to work on the content we already have before we can move into new stuff! I promise to get to those packs that I have pictures up for real soon!


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