Walther P99 AS

by A-Poc

Now this is a great looking gun.  I’ve always wanted a Walther P99.  I am not usually one for guns without a hammer, but I really like this one.

The AS is for anti-stress.  It is the first pistol equipped with a firing pin lock and combines the advantages of the Dual Action system with the Single Action Anti-Stress trigger.  The Anti-Stress trigger makes the P99 one of the safest handguns in the world by preventing reflex firing in stressful situations.  When the slide is racked completely to the rear upon loading, the trigger remains forward in Single Action mode as well as Dual Action mode.  So the trigger pull is .551″ for the first shot and prevents accidental firing.  Each shot after that is a .314″ trigger pull to facilitate rapid firing.

And it gives new meaning to the term “dead sexy”!

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jrokk May 2, 2011 at 12:34 pm

the p99 is an excellent gun. i have 2, a 9mm and a .40cal. i will say that the mag cap for both weaps is lower than other manufacturers. my fnx9 for example holds 17+1. p99 in 9mm holds 10+1. that is the only thing negative that i have to say about this gun.

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