NRS Storm Whistle Review

by A-Poc

NRS Storm WhistleA whistle can be the difference between life and death in a rescue situation.  If you are in a situation where you need to attract the attention of rescuers, you can’t guarantee they are going to hear your cries for help even in a quiet environment.  Now take into account the possibility that there may be a lot of noise in your surroundings like high winds, or the sound of crashing water, or maybe even explosions.  If you have been surviving for more than a few hours, you may not even have the energy to yell loud enough for help.

That is where a good whistle comes in.  It takes a lot less energy and just three short blasts on it (the recognized signal for distress) can attract the attention of rescuers a long way off.  In this respect, the best whistle on the market would have to be the Storm Whistle.  You can get a STORM Whistle at amazon for around $6. It has a special design that allows it to be up to 75% louder than most referee or police whistles.  It is used by such organizations as the Red Cross, police departments, Coast Guard, the U.S. Navy, and even dive rescue organizations because it has the ability to be heard underwater due to the fact that the sounding chamber will purge all water that is in it when it is blown.

If you are building your bug out bag, why not spend the six or so dollars this whistle costs for the peace of mind that you didn’t just settle for any old whistle that in a crunch will fail you?  Plus, it is a nice bright orange, so if you were to drop it, you could easily find it.  But do yourself a favor when you get it, do one test blast…alone…and in the middle of nowhere with no one within miles.  Then put it in your bug out bag or disaster kit and live happy with just leaving it there until it is needed.  You don’t have to follow my advice, but your family knows where you sleep.  I’m just sayin’.

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