M 1 Maxpedition Waistpack

by A-Poc

M 1 Maxpedition Waistpack

M 1 Maxpedition Waistpack

Here is a great little pack.  I use this for work and man am I loving it.  I did a little bit of research into what kind of Maxpedition waistpack I wanted, and it was a little difficult.  The biggest problem I had was determining the size.  If you look at the pictures online of the Maxpedition waistpack options, you can’t really tell the difference in sizes.  I finally started looking them up on YouTube to see what they looked like on a person and boy where there some big differences.  Two packs may look the same size when just looking at the pictures side by side, but when you see them worn, some of them are huge!  Well, I picked this one because it was just about the size I wanted.  It isn’t the smallest waistpack, but it is small enough not to bother me at work while I am wearing it.

You can check out my article on it in the bottom right corner of the page here titled Maxpedition Waistpack to see it on me and also what I carry in it.  That article is a side by side comparison of the M 1 Maxpedition Waistpack and the cheaper version of it that I picked up at an Army Surplus store.  It is a pretty good read, check it out.

But all in all, this is a great pack.  As soon as my tac-tie attachments get here in the mail, I am going to attach it to my Maxpedition Vulture II and see how that looks.  They match in color, so it ought to be pretty cool.  I’ll post up a pic when I do.  But you can pick up this great waistpack here.


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