Ka-Bar USMC Fighting/Utility Knife

by A-Poc


This is one of the true classic military survival knives. The Original USMC Fighting / Utility Knife is still a favorite of the U.S. Marine Corps. Any of the Ka-Bar knives would make an excellent addition to your emergency survival gear.  Ka bar military knives come in a couple of different colors and blade styles.  This post will focus on the traditional Ka Bar USMC Knife and it’s variations.

First up is the original. The Ka Bar USMC Fighting / Utility Knife. This Knife still remains the first choice for many Marines who choose to carry it as their personal option knife during service.  It has it’s signature leather handle which is made by compressing leather washers together on the tang and then they are shaped and colored.  A classic knife that is still just as useful as it was when it was accepted by the Marines in 1945.

Next is the Ka-Bar Full Size Black Straight Edge Knife. Basically the same knife except that it is made with a Kraton G handle.  A fancy word that means man-made rubber non-slip grip.  A very popular choice due to the black color.

Following the Black Ka Bar USMC Knife is the Ka Bar D2 Extreme Fighting / Utility Knife.This knife is made with D2 steel which is one of the toughest steels made for knife making.  That means that this knife will keep an edge longer.  That being said, it’s harder to sharpen as well.  I’ve heard reports of people cutting their leather sheaths with this knife the first time they took it out.  The Kydex sheath is a much better option with this knife.

Last but certainly not least is the Next Generation Ka bar.This knife is made with a 440A Stainless Steel blade which makes it an excellent choice for wet conditions.  It too is made with a Kraton G non-slip handle.

These blades are made in the U.S.A.  The leather sheaths are made in Mexico, the plastic and the glass filled nylon sheaths are made in Taiwan, and the only sheath that is made in the U.S.A. is the Eagle sheath with Hawk insert.

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