HK 45 USP Compact

by A-Poc

Now here is an excellent weapon for concealed-carry.  The HK USP Compact comes in several different calibers including 9mm,  .40, and  .45.  Its reduction in trigger reach and grip circumference make it well suited to concealability.

The HK USP Compact uses a narrow full-hand grip frame with the option of flush-mount or extended magazine floorplates to make this weapon easy to shoot without sacrificing concealment.  It is also built to withstand the use of +P and +P+ rounds.

The HK USP Compact also comes with an integrated support rail for aiming units (like a laser sight).  Its magazine capacity is:  13 rounds (9mm), 12 rounds (.40 caliber), and 8 rounds (.45 auto).

Not to shabby!

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rb February 20, 2013 at 10:17 pm

wondering as to the comparison of the hk usp and the p30 (i like the p30l or the hk 45 tactical) which from what i can tell seems to be an updated version of the usp with slightly better ergos, and some opinions on getting it in .40 (for the fact of it being the middle road of the 9mm and .45 while having what is said to be better penetration). just trying to get some opinions because all i ever see is the usp.

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