by A-Poc

*NOTE:  Due to the recent election of the future leader of our free world, gun sales have gone through the roof!  Do not be surprised if you have to backorder a particular gun no matter where you get it.  And it would be better to do it sooner than later.*

This section covers different handguns.  I am partial to semi-autos, but there are many who would rather have a revolver.  I like semi-autos due to ammo capacity, look, and feel.  Also, at least in my state, if you qualify for a concealed carry license with a revolver you can only carry a revolver, but if you qualify with a semi-auto you can carry either.  In a survival situation, my recommendation will be a semi-auto every time.  But feel free to post your own comments in each guns category to let people know your experience or opinions on the best gun brand.

Obviously there are more handgun manufacturers than these, but these are just the ones I am including for now.  I will probably add more later when I find out more about other manufacturers.

One final note:  no matter what gun you decide to buy, learn how to use it!  If you are a novice with firearms, I don’t mean look it up on the internet.  I mean get out to a firing range and learn how to use it.  Talk to the instructors, they are more than willing to help you.  Run several rounds through the gun until you get comfortable with it.  Then make habit of going to the range often to practice.  If you are not new to firearms, then you should already know to get to a range to familiarize yourself with any new gun.  At the very least, you don’t want to find that you bought a piece of junk that won’t fire or breaks when the zombies are at the door!

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Ghost April 10, 2011 at 1:20 pm

You should ass rock island armory. I have a 1911 .45 caliber and it has never jammed…My girlfriend and I just went shooting last night and put 75 rounds through it one clip after the other and no jams and hit all black…my girlfriend has no prior shooting experience just from how I told her to shoot…from 20 yards…just a suggestion. Keep up the good work!

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