Buying Bulk Ammo In A Spam Can

by A-Poc

Ammo Spam Can

If you are a gun enthusiast and have something like an AK-47 or an AR-15, then you already know how fast you can go through ammunition.  These guns, in particular, can go through ammo like an 8 year old through Halloween candy!  So, what is the best way to purchase ammo for these hogs?  Well, I would suggest buying bulk ammo in a spam can.  There are many benefits to this.

Usually when you buy ammo in bulk, you get it cheaper, and we can probably agree that cheaper is always desirable!  But there are more benefits to that spam can of AK candy than just price.   For one thing, these are sealed cans that require a special can opener so no moisture or oxygen in them.  That is perfect for long term storage.  Sure, you may pop it open the day you get it and go blast through all of the rounds, but you also may be thinking that ammo prices are going to go up and you want to get it cheap now.

Ammo prices fluctuate, especially when there is a shortage.  Just think back to 2008 after the U.S. election.  People started snapping up ammo like it was going out of style, and there started to be a shortage.  Well, here is the thing; ammo companies didn’t want to ramp up production because they knew that the frenzy was going to be short-lived and they didn’t want to end up with a surplus inventory when it was over.  So, prices started climbing pretty darn quickly.  Now, the people that had some stored away didn’t have to worry because they already had some of their favorite caliber on hand to last them until the buying frenzy was over.  If they bought it in a spam can, they could be sure that the ammo inside was fine and would fire just as it should.

7.62 X 54R Spam CanOriginally, these spam cans were a military surplus thing.  The ammunition would be packed in them and stored in a bunker somewhere until it was needed.  Then, several years later when it was determined it was not going to be needed, the government started selling the ammo.  People really liked how these spam cans kept the ammo practically brand new.  So, ammo companies started producing new ammo and sealing them in these cans also.  That means, you can get new non-corrosive ammo in spam cans as well.  Not only that, but you can get other caliber ammunition in them too.

Spam Can OpenerIt seems that if you get the newer ammo in the spam cans, you get the opener with it, but in the case of older surplus ammo you may or may not get the opener.  The reason for this is because the older ones were packed in wooden crates of two cans with one can opener.  So if you only order one can, its a 50/50 shot at whether you are the one that gets the opener.  So, if you get a can opener with your order…hang on to it!

Another thing that you need to pay attention to is the fact that the can opener is going to make a pretty jagged gouge when you open the can.  It is like opening a can of tuna with a P-38, it will cut you!  Be careful when opening a spam can of ammo!  Once you do get it open, remove all of the ammo and transfer it into whatever other container or ammo can you are going to use until you shoot it.  Don’t leave it in the spam can…that is just more opportunities for you to not be paying attention in the future and slice yourself open while retrieving a box of ammo.  There are a billion different videos of how to open a spam can of ammo online, so you can just do a search for ‘opening a spam can of ammo’ and take your pick.

That is about all there is to it when it comes to buying bulk ammo in a spam can. Below are some popular calibers that you can get.

7.62 X 39 In A Spam Can.223 In A Spam Can

.45 ACP In A Spam Can



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