Buck 119-9207 Fixed Blade Knife

by A-Poc

The Buck 119-9207 Special is an excellent knife at a very good price. This knife has been reported on certain websites as being the knife Les Stroud “Survivorman” uses and as far as I can tell from watching the series that is true.

It’s not surprising that this knife is reported to be Buck’s best selling fixed blade knife. It is well balanced and is one of the best knives Buck makes. As survival equipment goes, this is an excellent choice as a camping survival tool. I love how this knife looks and the way it feels in your hand.

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survival gear June 30, 2011 at 10:15 pm

It doesn’t hurt to prepare, but not preparing is a mistake.
I’ve been reading through this site, good info on survival, shtf, and gear, thanks!

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