Romanian WASR 10 AK-47

by A-Poc

The Romanian WASR 10 AK-47 is a variant of the Russian AKM with a Romanian made receiver.  It fires the 7.62x39mm round so ammo can be pretty cheap when you buy it in bulk.  I don’t personally have any experience with an AK-47 but from what I understand, you can pick up all kinds of accessories for it.  There are tons of arguments around the web as to what is better, the AR-15 or the AK-47, but that is for you to decide.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so do your research and decide for yourself if you are on the fence.

Of course, there are some people that get an AK-47 to “compliment” their AR-15 (or vice-versa), but this website is about survival.  Think about it, if you have the money and the need to buy both, why not just buy 2 of the same caliber so that the ammo you have is interchangeable?!  I can be as much of a gun collector as the next guy, but if you are planning on keeping the zombies at bay, you may not want to have to worry about keeping ammo separate….I’m just sayin’.

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