223 Ammo

by A-Poc


Here are another couple of options on .223 ammo for that shell eating AR-15.

The first is some Wolf Full Metal Jacket 62 gr. ammo.  It is steel cased so you are not going to want to save the cases for reloading, and it is berdan primed but non-corrosive.  It is dirty to shoot, but you are going to clean your gun when you get back from the range anyway, right?  This is great stuff to pick up in bulk to stash away for the zombie invasion!

You can pick this Wolf ammo up here in lots of 240 or 1000 rounds.

The next one is Fiocchi ammo and costs a little bit more than the Wolf ammo, but you get a cleaner shooting round, it is non-corrosive boxer primed, and has a reloadable brass case. This is 55 gr. Full Metal Jacket ammo.

You can pick this Fiocchi ammo up here in lots of 250, 500, and 1000 rounds.

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